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At Atelier we offer consultancy, training and research services in the cultural field on an international level.

We strive to create a synergy between the cultural sector, public and private entities as well as the corporate sphere where culture can become an effective and viable vehicle for economic growth and social development.

We deliver project management, communication strategies and innovative solutions.

Consultancy & research for territory

Territory is fundamental in cultural and economic production. Cultural planning and resources mapping, urban regeneration and territorial marketing, market research and professional training; the focus is to generate new opportunities for local growth and visitor attraction by understanding what the territory needs and what it can offer.

Project design & management

From its early stages of conception to to final evaluation and analysis a project needs constant focus and clear planning. Atelier provides consultancy in matters of funding (EU and Non EU), project planning and project management, benchmarking and best practices. We aim to build innovative and meaningful projects which generate impact, transformation and change.

Cultural Sector Development

Organisations in the cultural and creative sector often need strategic advice to fully express their growth potential. We offer specialist guidance in organisational assessment, fund raising strategies, membership and audience development, branding and innovation.

Creativity for Social Transformation

Art and Creativity are powerful resources that can operate actively within society to generate responsible transformations. Our focus is to assist organisations working within society by applying creativity and the arts in order to develop the quality and purpose of their work.

Creative Economy & Added Value

It is important that the business sector recognises the creative industries as fundamental contributors to the modern economy. We provide consulting services designed to enhance business engagement with culture and the arts in order to generate mutually beneficial relationships.

Business Intelligence for the Creative Industries

Very often in the artistic sector, the creative output takes precedence over curating public relations and business strategy. This could mean losing out on new opportunities and visibility. We offer business intelligence to individuals as well as access to an international network of active participants within the creative industries.

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